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LIBIDO AIRBAG (Ger): "Kneed Deep in Her Pussy" Cd 1998 Machismo

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


Code: MACH003

Running Time: 43:29


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Other releases from this band

While the vocals have the good ole solid frog imprint. LIBIDO AIRBAG was still much less electronic in this album than in the following releases (see "Barrel Blow Job" or the split with CBT), the production a bit more fuzzy... anyway here they were some fresh air in the Goregrind panorama (and hey, we're talking of ex-GUT here), and the drum-machine combined with some weird, heavy experimentation turned up something really spectral, inhuman... always centering around heavy porn topics, with a funny peculiar humour, yet less into sado/bondage than countrymates CBT, LIBIDO strikes with this weird combination of disco and goregrind, just take "Kamikaze Cock Sucker" has a cheap techno/trance base upon which short toad-like ribbits gurgle out obscenities about impossible penetrations and perverse situations. All of the songs are kept rather short, with some samplings (mainly female moans and ghitar synths) and a mid-pace which never strips into grindcore fury but rather into noise/chaos (like in "Rabid Clit Bitch"). A production a bit crisper wouldnt have hurt much, but again, million years better than the AVULSED cyber-crap (tell me if "Diarrhea Blitzkrieg" is not substantially a PRODIGY song eheh). An image that spins in my mind while listening to this disc is that of a dirty, underground cheap disco where all these half naked whores give up to the abysmal perversity of some fat, sweaty rich pig (have you seen the movie "Society"?), but well, the band has gotten far more into this topic with the following releases...


Tracks (22): 1 - Chopped Up Cohonez 2 - Post Natal Pussy Powerplay 3 - Kamikaze Cock Sucker 4 - Reservoir Cocks 5 - Menstrual Showdown 6 - Rabid Clit Bitch 7 - Diarrhea Blitzkrieg 8 - Faggot Funeral 9 - H.I.V. vs B.S.E. 10 - Asshole Check 11 - Masturbation Hotline 12 - Viginal Pitstop 13 - Fetus Bondage 14 - Baptized in Diarrhea 15 - Knee Deep In Her Pussy 16 - Mutoid Waste 17 - Enema Ass-Fuck 18 - Swallowed By Thy Cunt 19 - Rectal Cunt 20 - Prostata Party Cocktail 21 - Libido Airbag 22 - Outro