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NEUROPATHIA (Pol): split Cd with VAMPIRIC MOTIVES (Jap) 1997 Bizarre Leprous

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

The other band , Neuropathia , comes from Czech Republik , and play 8 trax of brutalest and evilest death-gore : an ideal cross between Polish brutal gods Damnable and Reinfection . They are quite talented musicians who dissect you , using insane drumming , slamming riffs with some harmonized parts , and a roaring vocals completely indecipherable , coming from an hungry bear . First track “vaginismus” is my fave ; they play also 2 nice covers : Gut’s “sperminator” , and Regurgitate’s “disgorging foetus” . But they’re higly damaged by worst lowtuned shit recorder ever listen since Suffocation’s “Breeding the spawn” or Pyphomgertum’s “Gorific carnal confessions”. However it seems they’ve a deal with Lofty Storm rec. for an upcoming full-lenght CD. I guess next time the sound quality will be more clear , because this band has a lot of potential and could become an underground leader . Higly recommended !


Tracks (8):