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VAMPIRIC MOTIVES (Jap): "Fantasy Wants Victim" split Cd with NEUROPATHIA (Pol) 1997 Bizarre Leprous

Review by: Morphzombie | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Yes , yes , yes , another godly issue from great Bizarre Leprous ! This split CD features 2 quite well known bands . After C.U.M. ( I hope these Japanese goregrind fathers sounds familiar to you . If not , get istantly the reissue of their masterpiece “Encyclopedia of serial murders” ,now reprint by Razorback rec. ) broke-up and changed name into Vampiric Motives , they released a II chapter of pure barbarism . For all those maniacs who missed that sclerotic piece of shit , Bizarre Leprous has now re-edited it . The band’s style is the same of previous work : extremely raw and brutish goregrind , marked by electro drum beats , good production , and concerning an apocalyptic and phylosophical journey into serial killers demented minds .


Tracks (15):