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IMPETIGO: "Faceless" picture 7" Ep 2000 Morbid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Hey am I really supposed to review IMPETIGO or what? Should I judge the picture release of this classic? I guess it I would be nutcase if I tried define how perfectly insane this band was, how completely original and imaginative the use vocals were over this texture of hardcore, metal, punk and grind was, or how influential to the whole panorama of Horror cinematic Death Metal for years to come this band was destined to be at the time of this seven inch. IMPETIGO are masters, bar none. It's a band that has crawled up the top ten lists of almost every real maniac into this scene, and it would probably be silly to consider giving it a rate. While picture discs, especially a seven inch like this show up show up mainly for commercial reasons, I couldn't spare my wallet the deserved 3 bucks to buy it, even though it meant slipping it from the hands of somebody who didn't have the long time sold out original seven inch from '91. This is culture boys, if ANYBODY missed this scab of history, they should get it NOW. For those subhumans who don't know the band, IMPETIGO are just weird. Pervert and crusty though each song is absolutely defined as one single story from a uncle Creepy strip story. Enough words. Cult the music, 8 the new format as it's 100% the same as the original seven inch. One last note if you happened in the tape where the title "Decapitado en fin de ano" springs to the eye on front get it immediately, it has one bonus track.


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