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CASTIGATE (Ger): "Bring Me the Head of Jesus Christ" CD 1999 Pavement

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

GOREAPHOBIA. This is the very first band which even reminded of that long gone godly band (although there are rumors of concerts of the band in NY with some of the original members, excluding of course Chris Gamble/Mezzadurus of BLOODSTORM). Actually a little bit less complicated in approach and a bit less mushy in consistence, CASTIGATE is a killer Death Metal band. Doesn't really matter what other publication say, this band has class, talent to produce Death Metal of the finest quality, with double vocals, one guttural and one that is halfway between early ATROCITY and some malign, slightly nasal gargle. The production is fucking excellent, the songs have the right balance of twisting and pounding and accelerations, with a pretty peculiar style, which isn't exactly easy to describe, but has a sincere old school feeling. The tracks have a genuine and completely original bend, with lots of changes which stay on the obscure frequency of some early 90's demotape. Cover art is great, album title is great, the music is great. One must buy release.


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