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JUDGEMENT DAY (Hol): "To Conjure Conjoint Confusion" 7" Ep 1999 Damnation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Really fast Death Metal with some thrash metal reminiscences featuring, at the time of the recording, members of CENTURIAN/PLEURISY/HOUWITSER. The disc had to be released in 1997 by Moonlight but since the label was blown it took 2 more years for Damnation to print it. Which also meant only 2 of the original members have remained. Backed by the characteristic drumming of Wim of CENTURIAN the songs surge definite Death Metal with a vague VENOM reminiscence in the slowest parts and a basic single lightning speed riff Death Metal with thrashy vocals to add spice to the fastest parts. I do not. Hm. Feel overwhelmed by the band as I have not been been blown by HOUWITSER although this is definitely better. Fast parts are amazing, slower ones are a bit retro, which to this day I consider boring.


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