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COCK & BALL TORTURE (Ger): "Analcadaver" split 7" Ep with GROSSMEMBER (Pol) 1999 No Weak Shit

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

COCK AND BALL TORTURE are damn vulgar, they've taken the Porngore concept to the very limits together with some other great bands such as LIBIDO AIRBAG or ANAL BRITH. They are nauseatingly raw, with impossibly effected vocals over a chaotic grinding instrument mesh. I think I could theoretically put them inside a triangle delimited by REGURGITATE, DEAD and MEAT SHITS with slamming and pounding utterly low guitar riffing, from a stylistical point of view. I don't feel embarrassed to admit I am always looking for the heaviest of the dirties bands around and this is a real jewel by that perspective. Sadly, the recording is absolutely lacking; even if the genre doesn't demand a crystal clear approach, thankfully I'd add, the songs sometimes lose volume as if the master was taken from a overdubbed tape... Cock and Ball Torture: c/o Sascha Pahlke, Heinrichstr. 12, 83352 Altenmarkt, Germany


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