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BIRDFLESH (Swe): "Misery of the Defenceless" split 7" Ep with CARCASS GRINDER (Jap) 1999 Underground Warder

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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BIRFLESH have class. They succeed in standing out of the whole panorama of grind death band with a definitely particular and thoroughly enjoyable between TERRORIZER and a plethora of demented sounds. The inside of this 7" shows the band raping a lad on a wheelchair, add to that lyrics that are thoroughly brainless (and darn cool for a laugh, i.e. "when I should fix my hair I found no head", "I ride on my bike with my sword on my back"). Despite the light hearted lyrical and figurative approach the music is a fucking discharge of old grind core and old school Death Metal performed with e very personal feel with a dense, crude, sound which sometimes bring me back to a time where Swedish Death Metal used to be like that. They have indeed a definite retro taste which I dig to the very bone. Bridflesh: c/o Magnus Roos, Lunden Krakenasryd, S-355 92 Vaxjo, Sweden


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