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COMATOSE (Ger): 7" Ep 1998 Thought Crime

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Fucking killer tornado, a dense wall of sonic concrete are this COMATOSE. Pretty new to my ears I admit, they're damn fucking good. Schizoid and in the perfect thin line between Grind Core and hysteria, the band is fucking fast but the brilliant production makes the good sense thought lyrics crystal clear and rise the whole pack to big levels. The packaging is very good as well, and I am damn pleased to see how the punk idiot poser thing to purposely ruin a 7" sound to make it cooler escapes this product. If you have the means to do a good product for the same amount of money, there's no point not to do it. And the guys here have talent. Very much so. Most of the length of this seven they push themselves to blasting speed and scream like demons a very refined kind of fresh Grind and fucking Core. No Metal in here anyway. Thankfully.


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