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DEAD (Ger): "Wanted for Kinky Sessions" 7" 1994 Folter

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

Absolute masters of perverted Death Ggore of the finest variety. Mid paced, bestial Porn Death, DEAD released this precious urine-colour vinyl back 7 years ago. While DEAD are not the fastest band of the plant, it serves the plate of absolute perv sickness using ingredients that EROTICIDE used as well to create absolute disgusting, distorted music. Drenched in blood and wrapped by pornography and latex. I consider them one of the absolute musts as precursors to modern goregrind. Stylistically, from a artistic point of view, I would compare them to the more recent COCK AND BALL TORTURE, but also to GUT and EROTICIDE can't be excluded. The music is classic Death with extremely distorted sounds and subhuman vocals the like those of COPROPHAGIST and some fair early CARCASS and PUNGENT STENCH sweet, nauseating vibe. Once you got the "You'll Never Know Pleasure Until You've Tasted Pain" full length., this is the next stop. Also a very delightful G.G. ALLIN cover.


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