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MORTICIAN (USA/Ny): "Zombie Apocalypse" 7" Ep 1997 Relapse

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

I used to get in touch with several of the Relapse singles series several years ago, with great bands such as DECEASED, GOREAPHOBIA (one of my obsessions), GENERAL SURGERY or the legendary MORTICIAN "Brutally Mutilated" and "Mortal Massacre" EPs. For some obscure reasons I thought they were not going to release other singles in the future, as they almost never show up in bands bios.. Well I got this MORTICIAN single up in Sweden and I was darn pleased, as my seven inch collector lust was finely satisfied by this MORTICIAN 7". Here you find the first 4 tracks with relative great intros, excerpted from the CD with the same name. Relatively useless if you ask me though nice to have. The cover artwork is the classic work from Benscoter, while the music, ah the music... it's MORTICIAN man, one of the only bands in the world that could use drum machine with style without sounding like FEAR FACTORY, that could keep amazingly fast paces coupled with guttural vocals that almost sound like metal grinding against stone, the lowest tuned guitar sound in a real orgasmic poetry of torment and utter death. MORTICIAN are masters in what they do, and what they do is damn Brutal. A classic.


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