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SEVERE TORTURE (Hol): "Pray for Nothing" 7" Ep Damnation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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I hate when bands are better known cause they include members from other groups and not for their identity but let this be known, this band features two ex CENTURIAN members (bass player and singer taking its position on drums), and also let it be known, CENTURIAN is my favourite Death Metal bands from the last 3 years. Now that should somewhat prejudice my decision while reviewing the disc, although that will not be the case. The only detail that relate the two bands are the marvellous anti-Christian lyrics (""You are nothing and never will be for you are jesus"). While lyrics are halfway between DEICIDE, CENTURIAN and IMMOLATION, the music is genuine American Death Metal, with vocals shifting towards a CANNIBAL CORPSE of the early Barnes era, but with a more frantic drumming. I guess you could say "Tomb of the Mutilated" at a first listen, but faster, relaying more on sheer impact and articulate riffs than gloom and doom splatter, sort of REGURGITATION meet DEEDS OF FLESH. To be noted, the band has a new CD out as I write these lines and is touring intensively, knowing the band whose ribs were broken to give it life, the concerts should be killer. Seth van de Loo. Mijlstraat 95 5281 Boxtel, Holland.


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