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ASTARTE (Gre): "Doomed Dark Years" Cd 1998 Black Lotus

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Other releases from this band

ASTARTE, the first all female Black Metal band. I somewhat wonder what this statement printed on the cover (they don't just apply stickers as Earache did for promotional issues like the "ex-NIHILIST" label on the first ENTOMBED album) should mean. A good selling point maybe, although I had this on cardboard sleeve therefore I can't tell what the chicks look like, as I have no booklet. If there are some pretty Viking like Barbies in the inlay well, this might be one reasons to buy the CD. Actually there are no others. The music isn't anything special and I can't find any more points for somebody to buy it. Average black metal with all its clichés, such as vaguely epic sound, witch like vocals, inharmonious guitars and semi-melodic vibes, overuse of keyboards, black and white cover artwork, lyrics that deal with obscurity, corpsepaints and so on. There are one million more bands like this, and almost all of these penguins play better than ASTARTE, even though they have no tits or cunts.


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