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Unalive in Texas/Profligacy DVD

The MOST original and SICKEST grindcore band of all time (sometimes the very term grindcore stands narrow for this band), their music oozed pestilence, delirium and insanity. Few however know that they also released 2 official video tapes! Both of them will be enclosed in this DVD together with a couple of photographs, a booklet with their discography, detailed story and the demo tape songs as BONUS DVD TRACKS!!! The DVD will also enclose several short sketches performed by members of the band themselves!!! STATUS: Collecting live shows and pictures for an ultimate release. We already have the two video tapes we will use as masters in the shop. We're also working on the cleaning and perfectioning of the videos, plus deciding how to split the clips etc.


Status: Confirmed and working on the masters.

Code: NA008


Concerts contained in the DVD: Nuclear Death - Pennsauken, NJ 8/23/90, Nuclear Death - Party in AZ. 7/4/87, Nuclear Death - Jackson, MI - 8/11/90, Unalive in Texas official VHS, Profligacy official VHS


Scheda Italiana

DVD contiene rarissimo materiale live del gruppo. Corredato da un libretto contenente dozzine di recensioni ed interviste si tratterà del singolo oggetto piu completo sulla storie del leggendario gruppo di Phoenix. Il DVD avrà layout e grafica particolarmente curati, e conterrà diverse illustrazioni anche inedite di Phil Hampson (Nuclear Death, Eroticide, Whorror etc.) e Laura Bravo. Oltra ai concerti saranno presenti dietro le quinte con gruppi quali Goreaphobia, Impetigo e Autopsy!!!


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