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Neural Tube Defects

Educhate Cd

Italian cyber-goregrind in the vein of Libido Airbag, Urinefestival, NWC666 etc.


Status: Released and available for trade.
Retail: € 10.00
Wholesale: € 6.00 minimum 10 copies. Trade point-rate value for this Cd is 4.00


Important note: The pressing plant has decided to use blue Cd-rs insetad of standard silver ones, so when turning them you might think its a cheap home dub or something like that. This is NOT the truth, Cd-rs are simply different supports but they have been as expensive as silver Cds to use, the cost for the Cd have been the same. The booklet and mastring are 100% professional, so know this before trading, I do not accept copies back becouse some idiot customer might think it's not worth like a normal Cd. It's just the color that changes!




NEURAL TUBE DEFECTS “Educhate” Nuclear Abominations Stop the press! I was very excited when Mick of Nuclear Abominations (ex magazine, now label) contacted me, and told me he was sending me the CD by N.T.D. I had not yet heard the band, but remembering an evening of net-browsing wherein I discovered the act I’d had them on my mind for when something would burst forth. Upon receiving the CD (just yesterday) I’ve been completely wrapped up in this brand of “cyber” gore/grind and experimentation that boasts the genre made famous by almighty acts like LIBIDO AIRBAG, CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION, THE SECRET LIFE and so on. Yes, this uses blazing fast digital drum abuse with of course mean-spirited guitar harshness ripped into the beats, sludged over by wretched and inhuman chunk-blowing vocals. Nothing entirely new but that’s not a bad thing.

N.T.D. basically master an exprerimental genre and unleash its force via their own unique methods. One thing that really draws me to this act is the feel is reminiscent of stylish gore (if you will, remember our mentor Argento, friends) that Italians seem to have in their blood! I know the label is Italian, but I’m not sure if N.T.D. themselves are, yet still the style in art could remind me of the Italian tradition in combinbing style with violence. The artwork by (heh heh) Emperor Ming is fantastic. What I like is that it dares stray from blatantly sleazy imagery yet uses unique and (pardon me) beautiful portrayals of morbidity. I love the cover of the wired cadaver on front, and even more the deathly pale girl on the back is fantastic. Interesting and possibly even “thought provoking” song titles, and traditional insane band shots complete with masks, dolls, and syringes!
I love the usage of sampling in the tunes, and the experimental drum noise and even techno parts meld together in a forcefully vile light. N.T.D. is harsh, twisted, creative and wonderful addition to the world of extreme music. Buy!



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