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Transfiguration to the Ancient's Form MCd

Released back in 1999 when Nuclear Abominations was just a fanzine, this was Nefas' effective debut on Cd after the demo tape "He Was Born". Characterized by eeriness and obscurity other than by an intricate and furious sound, this MCd clearly showed an advance of what they could effectively achieve with the great full-length album released in 2003 by Bones Brigade. The MCd was printed in just 500 copies, and featured an exclusive cover artwork by Paolo Parente (famous for his works on Lobo among others).

Status: Released and sold out. Might be available from the band.
Code: NA001

Tracklisting: 1) Hidden 2) Immolation for the Abyss 3) Vision 4) ...For our Kingdom! 5) Enwine my Soul

Scheda Italiana

Stampato nel 1999 quando Nuclear Abominations era ancora una fanzine, questo č stato anche il debutto ufficiale del gruppo su Cd. dopo il demo "He Was Born". Caratterizzato da un atomsfera tetra e da un'oscuritą oltre al caratteristico suono intricato e feroce, questo MCd mostrava chiaramente le potenzialitą del gruppo che avrebbe poi stampato il debut su Bones Brigade. Il MCd fu stampato in sole 500 copie, e mostra in copertina una tavola originale del maestro Paolo Parente (famoso anche per i suoi lavori su Lobo (DC comics).


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