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Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods Lp and t-shirts

"Beneath the Columns of Bandoned Gods" has been a total surprise when I heard it, and that fantastic cover artwork was perfect for vinyl! Rightfully obsessed by the old school of Swedish and Finnish Death Metal of the early nineties, Funebrarum released a spectacular debut for Necroharmonic Productions back in 2003. However such evocative was the cover artwork, and so amazing the sound, that the idea of a vinyl version couldn't but come out immeditaly. This version will also hold 2 bonus demo tracks which are even darker and more obsessive than the old material. Fans of Crematory (swe), Rottrevore, old Convulse, early Demigod, Funebre etc, take notice! Since the original agreement, 100 USD has been sent to the band for layout and remixing of old tracks. I also sent a free shirt to the band when the timing was getting too long (same ofl fucking lack of funds). I got a Cd with the layout works from the band after a few months but when the time was ripe for printing, I lost the masters. I recovered them later when I was cleaning the shop, but things have begun to be degenerating abit since then.

In 2005 I decided to take a long break from the music biz and during that time, the shirts have been printed by Necroharmonic. I have been discussing a possible collaboration with Nuclear Winter to release the vinyl, sicne I still lacked funds to print it but this solution too wasn't destined to see the light. If we can come to an agreem ent and if someone else doesn't decide to release the 12" soon, this album might still be released. Right now, the costs for producting and especially of shipping a vinyl are still too high, especially until the distribution isn't working. I consider this release as canceled.


Status: Canceled

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