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"Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, a Tribute to Autopsy

Probably the real inventors of Death Metal as we mean it today AUTOPSY is surely one of the most influential bands of all time. Nonetheless, is is also a personal all time favorite. Originbally thought as a possible collaboration with Autopsy Stench records from Germany, the tribute will see the light somewhere in the future. Chris Reifert of Autopsy is also going to write liner notes for every song in the tribute. Will it be a double disc? Who knows...

I already got the permission from the band members to use their songs. Sadly however, Peaceville is constantly ignoring my e-mails and pressing requests for copyrights so I'me not sure this is gonna happen or which costs should I face for it... if you know somebody in Peaceville please drop me a few lines!!
Tracklisting some of the bands below have confirmed their will to participate to the tribute. As we've been receiving literally DOZENS of offers for the tribute we will have to cut a few bands out (or maybe we can save it for a second tribute?) please don't be mad at it. Below is a possible schedule: INCANTATION, LORD GORE (Ridden With Disease), TRANSGRESSOR, EXMORTEM (Critical Madness), KUTABARE (Gasping for Air), TYPHOID (Service for a Vacant Coffin), GRUESOME MALADY (Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay), DEAD, MAUSOLEUM, IMMURED (Pagan Saviour), MACHETAZO, LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, NEURO VISCREAL EXHUMATION (Blackness Within/Ugliness and Secretions), FEARER, HELLBLAZER (Ridden With Disease), DISKORD, RUNEMAGICK, MURDER SQUAD.


Release Date: totally unknown.

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