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Bastard Saints

Interview with Rusty Adams 2000


So far, the promotion for the demos has seemed pretty good to me. I see rather good amount of flyers and reviews around. how intensive has been your involvement in promotion? Also I saw covers in the promo Cds have been printed and that can be very expensive on the long run. Add to this a very professional recording. Have there been more expenses or gainings with the demos so far?

We've sold/given away about 700 "Cold Stares of the Dead" demos since the release in Oct. '99. We have been mailing it to every 'zine and distributor we can, as well as sending out ads, placing ads in 'zines, and trading. Yes, it's been expensive printing everything ourselves. It's just what we have to deal with right now. Our next release is going to have pro covers, pro CD's, etc.. so we're looking forward to that. As far as overall gainings, we definitely lose more money than we make. We all save money every week for the band expenses. It's justified to us though.


How many shows have you been doing so far? How did they go? Have any of them being interrupted for some reason? How is the support in your city? Do you have a friend or manager to coproduce or share the weights of promotion? How are things going with labels?

We've done close to a hundred shows so far. Bigger bands we've opened for are Deicide, Cryptopsy, Vader, Gorguts, and Divine Empire. Recently we haven't been doing many shows due to the preparation of our full length CD which will be recorded June 2000. The support for us in Atlanta is great. Even though the scene is small it's loyal and there's always a killer pit. We don't have a manager, and we do all promotion ourselves. As far as labels go, we've received some label interest but nothing has been worked out.


You are the only married one in the band? How would you cope an offer of a big tour with your family? Would you leave your son alone? Are you already instructing him with good music? What if he becomes a pop singer?

If I did have a chance to tour I'd do it. My son is only two so he's too young to bring with me. As he gets older I won't exactly instruct him on my opinion of good music. However, I will be listening to Death Metal as he's growing up, so he will be accustomed to it. You know how it goes though. When he gets older he'll think the music I like is old and lame, just like I think my parents music is old and lame, haha. If he becomes a pop singer that'll be fine. My parents didn't like Death Metal but they were fine with me listening to it, so I want to give my son the same respect in his choices. I think as most kids get older they instinctively take an interest in something their parents don't like anyway as a way of growing up, or separating themselves from their parents. I'm sure my son will do the same.


Which band in your opinion could be considered the father of Death Metal? I personally believe the origins of death are more into hardcore and punk than heavy metal such as iron maiden. Don't you think they are starting to get ridicolous playing classic heavy in 2000????

I agree that Punk had a lot to do with how Death Metal was structured. Early Punk had the fast snare drumming that you still hear today. I think the band Death however were the ones who took things to the extreme and helped establish Death Metal. I also agree that classic Heavy Metal in 2000 is kind of ridiculous. In the 80's it was fine, but 2000?


Jeff Adams - Drums
Rusty Adams - Guitars
Bill Murff - Bass
Craig Nast - Vocals


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VASTION (USA/Ga): "Cold Stares Of The Dead" Cdr 1999 s/p [demo]

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