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Interview with Steven Smegma, May 2003


1BO: Hi Steven first of all what's your fucking surname, Ooghoek, Kotser, Krokethak, Koster or what the... (all taken from various releases of your present and past bands)? Does it make you feel clever to change your name with every new item? Maybe you have too many enemies? How should I call you?
SS: Haha, Before there was internet, i obviously did all my fanmail by postmail.We had a lot of international Smegma/Bowel Crust fans.I made up the most ridiculous last names for myself, everytime i posted an answer to (for example) Singapore, or Brasil. After 6 weeks or something, they wrote back to me & of course they used the name on my latest letter. By that time of course i couldn't remember what i wrote down 6 weeks ago, so i had to laugh very hard when i read my name on the envelope! it is just a practical joke for myself; These days i don't do this anymore (i'm 33 instead of 21) & i'm best known as Steven Smegma, that's the name i use.

2I have noticed you are the artist of most of your covers, what other bands have commissioned you work? Do you still do it here and then? How long does it take you for a cover painting and what methods you do use?
I did a lot of tattoo designs in my life (Erwin from SMES/Last Days Of Humanity has lots of me!) & it's pretty cool to see your drawing on someone its torso! I'm quite honoured by it to be honest! i only used markers / fineliners that's all.I did lots in the old days for several bands too many too mention (& to remember), but Exit 13, Necrony, Last Days, Agathocles, Brutal Truth, Smes, Relapse USA, Bloodduster & believe it or not, but i am the inventor of the old Mayhem logo!!! i never had the credits though...when i was 16/17 i wrote with Euronymous & i always made drawings on the envelope; 1 day he asked to do a mayhem logo which i did.i made a drawing of an evil monster & made the upsidedown cross-Mayhemlogo...Later the stretched the logo, but you still could see very good that it was my design. i was angry back then, but i didn't feel like exposing my anger; i was quite young & very impressed by the murder of Euronymous. Now i don't care that much anymore. For you non believers, i have still all my mayhem correspondence at home, so i'm able to prove it! :-) When i did a coverdesign i mostly finished it in 1 day. I didn't like to continue a drawing, you can say it took me (average) 8 hours for a decent drawing!


Which Abhorrence was Jores playing Brazilian or Finnish or Turkish? (eh) Talking about Bowel Crust, I read in your past interviews that you don't have a huge crack for Death Metal. But even if Smegma has its good share of crazy grinding bursts, BOWEL CRUST sounded way too average DM to me, or I am nuts?
Jores was playing in the Dutch Abhorrence (yeah bad chosen name). Abhorrence broke up & fell a part. the drummer started with Dente & me ROMPEPROP, & the other guys raised Prostitute Disfigurement.
That is still true, about death metal. i love extreme music, but death metal is not extreme for grindfreaks. My love is goregrind & metal. I love shit like IMPETIGO, GUT, HAEMORRHAGE, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, COCK&BALL TORTURE, but i also love the old UK stuff, like SORE THROAT, DOOM, ENT, ELECTRO HIPPIES, or MINOR THREAT, UNIFORM CHOICE, UNSEEN TERROR, FINAL CONFLICT, NEGATIVE GAIN, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, O.L.D., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, WEHRMACHT, but also SLAUGHTER, ONSLAUGHT, CARNIVORE,EXUMER, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, & believe it or not, but i really like a lot of MANOWAR, SACRED STEEL, CRIMSON GLORY, SANCTUARY, HELLOWEEN, AGENT STEEL! I guess i love metal & over the top extreme shit! (PROSTHETIC CUNT, URINE FESTIVAL, LIBIDO AIRBAG, SMES, FLESH PARADE, DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORRHAGE)
But standard death metal is often really really boring. Bowelcrust started of with Smegma songs & songs that could have been smegma songs, but the musicians in it also liked pantera, faith no more, amorphis & melodic black, so our new songs became more & more average in extremity. Early 1995 i quit with Bowelcrust.

What about the Rompeprop/Prosthetic Cunt split Cd? Is it in progress or it blew out somewhere in the process?
As far as we're concerned we still do it somewhere in the future. roger (P.C./Mortician) really liked Rompeprop & propposed to do a split, but he is a hard to get guy; really hard to get in touch with, so after all the delay we decided to focus on other stuff. We do a split with Tu Carne in the end of this year on bizarre leprous rec, & at the same time we will record some tracks to do an EP with USA avant garde-belgianbeergrinders Exit 13!!! Vinyl rules!

Thanks Steven, that's about it I guess, I wouldn't like to make this interview much longer. Let's just hear how the new Cd has turned out, and let's hope to see you in Italy one day. Grind rules! See ya!


ROMPEPROP c/o Steven "Smegma", Edisonstraat 42, 5621 HR Eindhoven, Holland


Steven Smegma - Vocals (ex- Smegma, Bowel Crust)
Dirty Dr. Dente - (also in Premature Burial)
Micheil the Menstrual Mummy
Jores du True: (ex- Abhorrence)



- "Menstrual Stomphulk" MCd 2002 Dismemberment rec.
- "Hellcock's Pornflakes" Cd 2003 Bizarre Leprous prod.
- Split with Tu Carne (out soon on BLP)
- Split with Prosthetic Cunt (?)
- Split with Exit 13 (?)