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Interview with Max Kolesne 2000 (incomplete, needs to be written down from tape)


OK, let's start with something rather easy. Why does your tour bus stink so much?

Well guy, it's something like, 17 guys together, it's been or home for a while, so that's the only place you have to piss, puke, smoke, whatever, you know, so that's why it stinks man, it stinks pretty bad.


Really you piss, puke an shit on the floor of the bus?

Nonono we don't shit on the floor, we shit only in the toilet, but you know, having sixteen or seventeen guys pissing in a row, having beer and stuff, it stinks bad man.


How long have you been in tour, where have you been up to now?

Well this is not a long tour, it's about eleven shows, we got seven already and we got 4 more.


Do you earn enough on tours to live up on you music?

I mean, not with that tour. Since 2 years ago we started to make some money you know, so for now we can survive with the band, we do not make a lot of money, but we can take our beers at least


How was your tour with ANGELCORPSE and INCANTATION?

That was great man, one of the best tours we've ever done, kind of pretty good combination, you know, three straight death metal bands, you know, and the people are very cool, you know, we're looking forward to go on tour again with those guys, you know, probably April or March next year we're going on tour in US with ANGELCORPSE again which will be fucking great man.


Yeah maybe we're talking about three straight Death Metal bands but all of them have a particular kind of mood and style, what do you think is the common element in all of these bands?

All right, I'll tell you man: it's something like, well, these bands are part of a new wave of Death Metal. If you checked out, something like , five or six years ago, all Death Metal bands started to slow down, and play like shit, you know, but all these new bands, are trying to be really fast, violent and aggressive, but it's not like Death, for now its pretty tough, you know, the people like it, there are so many bands around, but these bands are part of a new hard part of death metal, this kind of new wave coming down you know. I can tell at least ten new good bands of death metal. It's taking over again man.





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