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Interview with Tim 2000


PREFACE: Good Moshing Groove Brutish Death Metal from the Big Apple. Outdated interview who sadly sees the light after all this fucking time. ENTORTUREMENT feature(d) members of REPUDILATION, maybe this name sounds better to your ears. The drumming in the Cd was rather technical, lots of tempo changes... I think you can figure a mix of the recent GODLESS TRUTH and earlier INTERNAL BLEEDING although much, much more slamming...after the release of the first Cd, Brian left the band due to uninterest in Death metal ... while Pete left to join the Hard Core band 420...


OK naturally if we ever had to start an intie, that would begin with REPUDILATION right? Well rumours abound around REPUDILATION. Reading an interview with Jill of Razorback/Ex-Mortal coil the following emerges: "Jay said REPUD were acting like rock stars and didn't deserve it. I can't argue that…" (Metal Core issue 27). Do you think ENTORTUREMENT shall fall in the Rock Star syndrome? What happened really when Brian and REPUD went to the studio to record the CD? It seems as if the band split up in the middle of the recording.. so something big must be happened to break the band.
Well, the band had its moments of being rock stars. We had a decent following and stuff. It's hard not to sometimes but in the long run it isn't a good thing. Many battles and problems start from that attitude. When Brian went to record the REPUDILATION CD Matt and their new guitarist Chris just kept hounding him how about how his playing sucked. Basically they didn't want Brian in the band no more. They wanted to start a new band without him. And they did, 420 is a kick ass slam filled band now. We should have seen the way Brian was when we picked him up. He made everyone miserable in every band he touched. Thank God, he's gone.


One thing that parts the band from many others is a particular drumming style, is that use of drums something typical of the last American style, so full of mosh part? How many hours do you rehearse a week, and how many hours do you involve in your instruments? Also have you all been practicing your respective tools at school? Are you going to extremize that kind of skill into something alike MESHUGGAH or you will eventually involve into simpler, more direct parts?
We rehearsed about theree times a week, 2 hours each time. Now we got together once a week just to keep it up. We write and do song structure. Not much we can do without a drummer. But that will change now. The newer material (we have three new songs before Brian left) is much more technical but much more brutal at the same time. And that's how we're keeping it.


Joe of DSIFIGURED did help you in the CD. How many bands will your next release feature? Also, is there friendship among NY bands? You can perceive some "gangs" that form even between bands?
When we do release another record, I plan on having at least two special guests vocalists on it. We like to work with Matt Ferrera (ex-REPUD, 420) and maybe Sherwood from SKINLESS. The scene is all about politics here. Too much bullshit. But lately it seems that everyone is somewhat uniting. Not that much fighting anymore. Probably due to the fact a lot of the assholes aren't in the scene anymore. But we all are good friends and help each other art.


Tim's artwork is quite nice on the cover. Have you ever thought of using other artist's artwork?
Well, thank you. That cover was a test piece on my coloring ability. I thought it was just OK. The next cover will be more my style and more brutal. I work alone, no one else is allowed near my art! AHAH! Yes, we played Colorado twice. Great scene there. Our friends in SKINNED and CEPHALIC CARNAGE hooked us up nicely. I couldn't thank them enough. There were no problems except on the Colorado slamfest someone took 300 dollars from our merchandise bin. But hey that doesn't ruin a good show! I imagine European crowds to be ten times more brutal than US crowds. When I heard from other bands who played in Europe, I wanna get my ass over there and play!




ENTORTUREMENT (USA/Ny): "Descend Into Deprivation" MCd 1998 Lo Cash

ENTORTUREMENT (USA/Ny): "Digging Up the Remains" Cd 2001 Supreme Musick