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Interview with Diabolic 2000


PREFACE: DIABOLIC is a killer band. In my opinion, it has all the rights to be crowned the best Death Metal act from Florida this day, flanking MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL with pride. Then, maybe it's just my diseased brain, but I am also quite sure they're founding along other bands such as CENTURIAN, a brand new musical style that grabs forcefully the most extreme and violent aspects of both Black and Death Metal amplified it in a blasting fury of never heard before rage. Satanic Hate Death Metal would be quite fitting.but Brian Malone, guitarist of the band will probably express that more fittingly.


Let's start from the very beginning. When I first heard of the "City of the Dead" demo through a tape trading friend, he mentioned me that the band featured the incredible drummer from HORROR OF HORRORS. I thought that the band split up and then he moved to DIABOLIC to form a new band. But just a few days ago I was checking some tour dates and found HORROR OF HORRORS at the Phantasmagoria metal Festival in MD. So what happened with the band? Even if DIABOLIC is building a very big reputation (deserved by the way), I remember the name HORROR for being quite known in the underground Death Metal scene. Was something wrong with them? Also somebody in the band (Brian I guess) played in a band called INFINITE DOMAIN. I guess all of you hardened your bones on a stage far before putting on the band right? Also, I find it quite remarkable for a demo band to feature so many big acts in their thank list (not to say, being featured in the thank list of band such as MORBID ANGEL). So, it seems as DIABOLIC just came together, and in a week was ready to spoil life from the planet with its satanic ire. Tell me what happened before DIABOLIC came to unlife. There must be more than sit listening CELTIC FROST in your room.

Yes, let's start at the beginning. DIABOLIC was formed in January 1997 with the intent to become an elite metal force! Aantar Coates (hyper-blast master) moved down to Tampa from Maryland after he quit HORROR OF HORRORS. Aantar is extremely dedicated and determined and I imagine that they couldn't keep up with his furious determination. I had the same problem when I lived in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Nobody could keep up musically. Nobody had the burning desire to succeed at all levels with this music! We both moved here for the same singular reason: to form an extreme band that pushes all boundaries! DIABOLIC was formed and we played our first show one month later with VADER, MONSTROSITY, and BROKEN HOPE. The 'City of the Dead' demo was released in June 97 and unleashed to the worldwide underground. There are over 2000 demos throughout 34 countries!! In that first year we played many shows with a lot of great bands. Lee Harrison of Conquest Music, inc. signed us to a 3 album deal and in June 98 we recorded the debut full length CD "Supreme Evil" which was released in April 99. Excellent reviews are pouring in for "Supreme Evil"!! Also, Fadeless Records in the Netherlands signed the demo for MCD format. Included are two bonus tracks which were never released and a poster with some cool rare photos and reviews from the early days.


DIABOLIC never stop to impress me. First, an unbelievable demo tape, then, an amazing CD, that I could consider both an awesome Black Metal CD and an awesome Death Metal CD at the same time. Do you think the barrier between the genres, borne with the growing of the BM trend is blurring again? Don't you think the bands ANGELCORPSE and CENTURIAN are completing the missing link to create a triumvirate of unholy obscurity with you?

DIABOLIC metal pushes all boundaries and barriers!! We won't limit ourselves or our music. This music we create pours directly from our dark souls. A pure source of combined magic! Each song is a facet in the diamond, showing different aspects of the same jewel. Black radiance pours forth and we create these hymns of DIABOLIC!! The next wave of metal is very extreme: DIABOLIC, ANGELCORPSE, KRISIUN, CENTURIAN... All who are weak should now know fear


Another one agrees that a new wave is moving in the death metal underground. What in your opinion moved so many great musicians to embrace such an extreme form of music? And what moved them all to create something that's faster, more cruel and more vicious than anything so far? What is the next stop in Death Metal? Maybe it's a sort of cycle. One must first face another wave of wimpish melodic death before starting to play REAL extreme music?

Maybe. i think it's a natural progression from old school die-hards who got fed up with the saturation of the death metal scene. there's a lot of insulting bands giving death metal a bad reputation musically. now we have a wave of extreme and excellent musicianship that cannot be denied its talent and violent dedication. as with any aspect of life, only the strong will survive!


You have been touring like a band that has become a legend in one year. Appearing at the New England Metal Fest and then a mini tour in the southeast. Then appearing on the new Dwell SLAYER tribute album with the song "Killing Fields". What's behind your burning success? Total dedication to Death Music? Damn, I really think you're spitting blood to keep on with contacts and playing so professionally, it's not a surprise the band has gained such an reputation, what impresses me is the amount of work has been behind it. Tell me the truth, the very day you started DIABOLIC, you already knew what height you wanted to reach right?

Yes, definitely we made the sacrament to go beyond. Our will dictates that there is no option other than total elitism. We are fiercely dedicated!! Our intensity crushes anything in our path! Our live performance is a serious high-energy ritual of violence!! The tour with MORBID ANGEL crushed the south east and included the Texas Metal Fest (November to Dismember). We toured the west coast with INFAMY in early 98, and headlined an east coast tour. In February/March 2000, the DEATH METAL MASSACRE TOUR will take place with DIABOLIC, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOD DETHRONED and HATE ETERNAL. We are working on a tour for Europe in the summer 2000. DIABOLIC will also appear on four more Dwell tributes: MORBID ANGEL (Rapture), VENOM (Buried Alive), KREATOR (Under the Guillotine), and DESTRUCTION (The Ritual). Also, Immortal Records is releasing a POSSESSED tribute, and we'll contribute "No will to Live".


That is curious. At the same time, the band seem to be original and projected versus the future but at the same time, everyone seem so loyal to the past bands. Now I agree that these are the bands that created Death Metal in primis, but aren't all these tributes a bit too much? Of course I'll gladly listen to them, but. I don't know, I just seem to feel a bit hypocrite all those kids with VENOM shirts waving fists in the air and complaining for old bands that 89% of them never heard. what do you think? Don't u think that these are bands better left in the record collection and listened to once in a while? All these tributes seem like an offence to old destructive thrash metal...

to us, we are saluting these bands with horns up!! all of the bands we cover influenced us all and were some of our favourite songs as young metal heads! we don't change them that much. to totally rewrite one on the old classics would be blasphemous! also, maybe some of the newer and younger death metal fans will get into the history and understand how killer these bands are once they've had a chance to hear them.


How old are the members in the band and how long you've been respectively playing your instruments? Concentrating on the music with a clinical ear, I can catch a way to play that's definitely not just self taught skill. So, is that so important to know how to play your instrument? If so, is the very first era of Death Metal, when Death sick music was just a way to play and skill a secondary element arrived to an end?

Aantar has been playing the drums since he was a kid. His father is a drummer and he got started early. He's 28 now. I'm 25 and have been playing guitar for 10 years. I taught myself by learning all of my favourite songs and my older brother Sean showed me the basics. Ed Webb-bass/vocals, is 28, and has the fastest right hand I ever saw on a bass player! He took over the vocal duties after we fired Paul. His voice is HEAVY!! He has an amazing range from demonic low summonings to soul ripping high screams of hatred!! Our new guitarist, Bryan Hipp, is an incredible lead player and we are definitely guitar brothers! His style fits DIABOLIC perfectly, and his dark soul completes the circle!! Discipline provides results, and we possess the discipline to improve! We all practice everyday!!! Our instruments are an extension of our souls, and the communication device that interprets our dark language into music!!


Everyday??? Wow, what kind of job you do to have time to gather all together every day? By the way, do you gain well for touring? Or it's just for passion? Have you ever had problems with the job for moving so far from home for so long as a tour length? Is it so easy in the states to leave home for another? What happened to Paul Oulette?

We schedule our lives around the band, including our jobs. diabolic is #1 priority! on tour, we make enough to pay for the gas. starving is an option for us if we're out there crushing some death starved fanatics!! We fired Paul because he had some personal problems that led to weakness and loss of focus and dedication. diabolic is much stronger now musically and vocally, with no weak links in the chain!!



These bands are unique and take their music to an extreme level. Hail to them!!!


Did I read well SATYRICON and DIMMU BORGIR?? Uh, are you sure you saw the way the look on photos? All dressed like vampires or English dandies with make up? with tubas and such gay stuff? Also don't you find that kind of shriek unnerving? By the way, what charity organization asked you to bring GOD DETHRONED with you together with CANNIBAL and HATE ETERNAL??

They seem a bit out of place, to use an euphemism. When this tour was first planned, it was diabolic and cannibal corpse. god dethroned is on metal blade, so i assume metal blade decided to add them to the bill. we're not really concerned how a band looks. the music is what matters. the music must be unique and played with feeling. different styles of music should create different moods, so its good to enjoy a variety of styles.


You seem to consciously avoid gore and splatter lyrics, is that another aspect of Death Metal that's come to an end? What's the main thing a band has to keep in mind to bring into being a killer CD?

CANNIBAL CORPSE has that lyrical style covered. They do a great job at it, and many other bands do as well. We write dark, thought-provoking lyrics. And like our music, originality and creativity are the most important elements. An open-minded approach to writing is essential. Limitations cannot exist!


There is a border when limitation stops and good sense begins. That's where faggot bands such as CRADLE OF FILTH nurture their slimy asses and hungry wallets with the money of acne devastated adolescents and sad girls with suicidal tendencies. What do you think about that wave of pop metal?

Well, at least the acne devastated sad girl adolescents are listening to some form of metal! in America, most just listen to dance music, with the most extreme kids listening to rap- "metal" that MTV pushes on them over here. there isn't much choice for kids to even decide if they like metal unless it's through word of mouth. there is no mainstream coverage, barely any radio metal shows, etc.





DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "City of the Dead" tape 1997 Blastmasters

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Supreme Evil" Cd 1998 Conquest

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "City of the Dead" MCd 1999 Fadeless

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Subterraneal Magnitude" Cd 2001 Conquest

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Vengeance Ascending" Cd 2001 Olympic

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Infinity Through Purification" Cd 2003 Olympic