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Interview with Dew of Nothing 1999 by Federica


PREFACE: Death Metal band from Mexico. One album called Doubleueird out on Sempiternal prod.


Let's talk about "Doubleueird": is this your first work or you realized a demo before? What does the title mean? What does the beautiful design in the cover represent? If you had to review the CD for a 'zine...what would you write?
Rene: Ok, we recorded a demo before "Doubleueird" album, with 5 songs+intro+outro, but it isn't pretty well distributed, about the title, we want to express a lot of weird as the cover means!!, the cover represents for us a lot of weird, i think... because our lyrics talk about this kind of topics, so the title means just fucking weird!!, if i had to review the CD I would write: This is just uncompromising Death Metal from Mexico, they try to experiment different kinds of feelings into Death metal vein, if you want to bang your head, just listen to "Doubleueird" album, pure fucking Death Metal!!!....

Has the album some chain with Mexican mythology? Which are the principal themes, features of your Mexican mythology?
Rene: No, we don't have any chain with Mexican, mythology, but the principal themes of our mythology are: sacrifices, death, and pain!!!! You can read about the Aztecs, a true warriors!! There are a lot of stories, and myths, so you can try with some books about that....


What about lyrics... Are they just a support for music or have they an important role... I mean: wouldn't it the same thing to make a terrible, confused, fast shrieking for the final result... (as a lot of bands...) sincerely?
Rene: The lyrics are a very important point in the band, 'coz, we like to transmit the true feelings from our unconscious, some people think that our lyrics are weak , but they're full of rage and
wisdom..... check them out!!!


About the death scene in Mexico... did you find a real support, friends...or the usual clowns? Which are the bands you really liked to play with?
Rene: We like to play with all bands from our country, there aren't problems, but as you know there are few guys that just feel envy and talk shit about the band, but we don't care about that guys (gays!?), because we do everything that we want, so i think that in all countries can be the same. We have great friends from many bands and i like to play with all of them....


What do DON make in the free time, how do you spend your days and your nights, after eating beans with tomato....Can you report a pleasant anecdote about one of these nights, concerts,...of DON that you still remember?
Rene: At this moment i don't remember any anecdote about the concerts we just enjoy playing a lot, we spend our nights drinking beer, fucking, and writing new songs for the band... I remember that we enjoyed a lot a tour we did here in Mexico, we met a lot of friends that helped to the band...


How was the reunion of 26 Sept.1999 with Blaster, Encounter, Ancient Serpent.. (thanks for the invites, even if passed out of date!)
Rene: It was great!!! This was a date from the tour that i talked, we played about 9-10 states from my country, the guys from Encounter are really cool!! And this show was cool 'coz we play as headliners and the people gave us a great response..., it was a great promotion for the band.


Did you celebrate Christmas, the last night of year, Epiphany. which are the Christmas traditions in Mexico. did you decorate your cactus with colored hangings and did you drink or eat something traditional....
Rene: Yeah, we celebrated Christmas drinking with some friends, just is a tradition, hey!?? What are you thinking?? That we're in a fucking degenerate place?? Talking about the cactus!!! If I were you I'll read more about the Mexican traditions, we've a lot of them, and we respect your question but we're in the new millennium not in the west!!!!


What kind of answers, reactions, did you receive from 'zines, distro... with "Doubleueird"? are you satisfied with your work? Perhaps with more keyboards, spectral effects, female vocal... you could conquer the young "black metal from Norway" fans, as a lot of bands that nowadays grow up like mushroom...didn't you know.....????.....
Rene: Yeah! I know about the bands from Norway, but I don't care about playing with female vocals or spectral effects, we just play Death Metal, i really respect all the bands that play that, but just if they do with a real feeling and not for fashion, there are a lot of kids that moves on where is pathetic fashion they just play all this crappy trend of keyboards gay sounding and female vocals to popularize and get bigger in their country...!!! Here I send you some reviews from the "Doubleueird" album.. When i heard their debut album "Doubleueird" it impress me with is pure true brutal and straight ahead Death Metal approach!!, The band has released this slab of brutality which differs a lot from the betrayers of the genre, This release is indeed a solid effort of uncompromising and technical Death Metal. The tracks of this disc are played at a very consistent pace which gives you the desire to break everything, SPLENDID!!! (In Darkness zine) France. Pure Death Tormenting Blast!!!!!!, a super masterpiece with melodies and the intro is fantastic!!!, they definitely rules and kill!!!! (Infernal Waves radio show) France. We are impressed how d.o.n. mix blazing speed and melodies into Death Metal!! (Relapse recs) Usa. When it comes from Mexican Death Metal I can't complain at all there are several fine bands over there Dew of Nothing is and example of my sayings, D.O.N. play technical Metal with many brutal parts, they deliver a fine Death Metal bomb with a satisfying production, you will also hear some atmosphere passages with acoustic guitars or piano that remind you to Dissection.....(Frozen Hell 'zine) Greece. Yes sir!! "Doubleueird" push your soul into burning vortex of hell, the amazing music sound exèrimentallium Death Metal race with morbid ambient escapes to it well grounded arrangement stuff to disturb conscience , it's not too mega brutal but enough brutallik with killer passage with a lot of changing tempo & rhythm, if you want stay alive take them in your Death Metal file i give them 13/13!!!! Keep real Metal up...!!! (Ponce Pilate, no.4) Canada.


Do you have live -projects? Some dates in Mexico Modena...Are you recording a new work?
Rene: Currently, we're composing new songs for our new CD, it'll be called "Abstract Phantom Lord", we may record a 7" EP with an advance of some songs of our next recording, but we don't know yet, we've some dates all over the country too, but we want to record the new stuff in summer or fall...


Can you remind us the name, if you have them, of all the people that refused to help you in the realization of the CD, that rejected a collaboration with you.... in order to help, to advise the bands that are trying to enter in the death scene in Mexico? Which are the biggest difficulties that a young band must to pay attention to?
Rene: We had some problems with our other label called Toaj recs from Mexico, because he didn't move a finger to try to promote us, but we are not related with this guy any more, now Sempiternal is our only record label he is doing something great for us, so to the other bands, don't try with people that doesn't stay into the real metal scene, you'll have problems as we had,...We're at the end. and to finish seriously.. for everyone of DON I'd like really to know...


favorite band, food, and last words...OK?
Rene: ok here we go!!!
Favorite band, food, words from each member:
Alejadro M.: Band(s):Iron Maiden, food-nothing, words-thanks for your support...
Alejandro V: Band(s): Morbid Angel, Possessed, food: spaghetti, words: support the underground!!
Pablo M: Band(s): old Slayer,. Food: Mexican food, words: Cheers!!!!...
Martin M: Band(s): Iron Maiden, Food: whatever, Words: thanks for the interest in d.o.n. pal!!
Rene: Band(s): Black Sabbath (rules!!) ,Slayer, Iron Maiden, Food: Whatever without chili!! Words: I want to thank you Federica for your support to the band, Keep up the good work ¡!
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DEW OF NOTHING (Mex): "Doubleueird" Cd 1998 Sempiternal

DEW OF NOTHING (Mex): "The Hatehunger" MCd 2001 s/p