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Deathgasm records

Interview with Evan March 2000


As usual, every good interview begins with introducing the subject. How did Deathgasm start, which band did you contact first, where was it located at first, what are your intentions concerning the label, how big do you want to grow, what do Deathgasm bands have in common, how did you choose the name, have you worked with distros, 'zines or other before, how old are you, how is your view versus this kind of music-do you like grind core better or you prefer more clean, technical death metal, how do you see the future of Evil Incarnate and Deathgasm in the near and far future, how was your youth.

Deathgasm began in late 1994 as a 'zine and distro. I released compilation tapes from '94-'96 (4 volumes). The first band on Deathgasm was my own band AVULSION, for which I'm the vocalist. It was located in the Atlanta, Ga area at first, but in '95 I enrolled in college and moved to Athens, Ga. As a label, we intend to release some killer stuff. so far we've released AVULSION "Dimensions of Darkness" Cd and EVIL INCARNATE "Blood of the Saints" Cd. both bands are brutal old school death metal. Upcoming releases are: "Destruction of the Heavenly Realms" Vol. 1 comp. Cd, EVIL INCARNATE "At War With God" Cd, Avulsion "Prepare For Slaughter" Cd, UNBLESSED Cd, and Vol. 2 comp. Cd. I would like to grow big enough to where I wouldn't need to work another job besides the label! I'm 23 years old now. I like both technical style death metal and grind core, but I'm more into death metal than grind core in general. I'm anxious to get these new releases out. things can only improve for the label and bands. I would someday like to open a record store/club. we will see. My youth was okay.


Have you ever had a symbol, a person who catalyzes your attention and influences your opinion of this music? Is there somebody you respect most for his works in Death Metal underground? When did death metal come to life? It has origins in punk, heavy metal, or hardcore? Is that right to politicize death metal?

There is not really anyone who catalyses my attention and influences my opinion of this music. I respect many people within the death metal underground; it would be difficult to name just one person. Death metal came to life in the mid-late 80's with bands such as DEATH, NECROPHAGIA, AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, NIHILIST, etc. Yeah, it has origin from all 3 of these-punk, heavy metal, hardcore. I don't feel that death metal should be politicized.


Have you been touring with your bands as merchandiser, etc? How is life like in Georgia? Is that a Christian country? How is it like in your opinion for a European to move to GA? How many local gigs are organized per month on the average? Have you ever seen brawls end up in killings? Would you ever kill somebody?

No, I haven't toured with my bands because neither band has toured thus far. I mostly sell merchandise at local shows. Life is okay in Georgia. Yes, this region of the USA is the so-called "Bible Belt"! Someone from Europe might like it in GA. I don't know. When FLESHLESS were in GA last year they thought that food was very expensive here, but they enjoyed the weather. There's usually one local gig about every 2 months. the scene here hasn't been active lately! Usually during the summer there are a lot of local shows. There are more shows in South Carolina than in Atlanta, as far as death metal is concerned. I have seen some brawls at shows, but never that ended up in killings. I have seen someone die at a show, but it was due to alcohol poisoning! I don't know if I would kill somebody. maybe I would if I knew I would never get caught!




MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "Millenium" Cd 1996 Conquest

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Supreme Evil" Cd 1998 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "In Dark Purity" Cd 1999 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "Enslaving the Masses" Cd 2001 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (Bra): "Rise to Power " Cd 2003 Conquest

UNDERTHREAT (Col): "Behind Mankind's Disguise" Cd 2003 Conquest