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Conquest Music

Interview with 2000


We licensed the "In Dark Purity to Metal Age Rec's in Germany. Distribution is Sony. We licensed the album to Olympic Recs here in the US for the Mercury distribution and we just licensed the album to Marquee a major label in Japan.


That is they distribute it in Europe??

Yes The line up is the picture on our website on the Monstrosity bio which you could download. Jason Avery, vocals, Tony Norman guitars, Lee Harrison drums and Kelly Conlon bass. Jason Morgan did rhythm guitars as a guest on the album. So the only original member is Lee. Kelly was here in the Millennium but all the others have been replaced.


I heard also the originbal bass player is in jail for drugs...

Lee was original member. Kelly Conlon and Jason Morgan were on Millennium and so was Jason Avery as he did back up vocals. All three of course are on the new album. New guitar player is Tony Norman out Tony on Perpetual War he is the lead guitar player while Jason Morgan does rythm throughout the album. Mark Van Erp the bass player on Imperial Doom spent a few months in jail several years ago for possession of drugs. That's been a long time ago.


Can you also tell me something more about conquest? How many bands signed? Why re releasing De Profundiis? How many ppl work there? where is it located phisically? What do u hold for the future etc...

We are a small label who only signs a few bands at a time because we believe in doing the very best for each band. We are not like the other labels who are in this business just to sell albums and don't really have time to promote their bands. We are not "rereleasing" DeProfundis. We released DeProfundis several years ago when Vader could not get a record deal in the US. We released Vader's "DeProfundis" and brought them to the US to do the Extremities Tour with Monstrosity and Broken Hope. We just left the band information on our website because we still sell a few albums and we still believe that this is their best album. Vaders label Impact Records/System Shock in Germany decided to place Vaders next album (ater DeProfundis) with Pavement Records over here because they thought Pavement would sell more albums for them.


Ah, greed!

Then when Vader came over to do the Morbid Angel tour Pavement got mad at Vader and sent them home after only two weeks because Vader was selling so much merchandise at the shows!! Pavement saw the band making money instead of them!! It ruined things for Vader in the US. Pavement later apologized to Vader and they brought them over again to do a tour but there wasn't nearly the buzz or excitement about Vader anymore. We are located in Venice, Florida (just south of Tampa) and we have been in business since 1996. The owner of the label is Lee Harrison the drummer for Monstrosity.




MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "Millenium" Cd 1996 Conquest

DIABOLIC (USA/Fl): "Supreme Evil" Cd 1998 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "In Dark Purity" Cd 1999 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (USA/Fl): "Enslaving the Masses" Cd 2001 Conquest

MONSTROSITY (Bra): "Rise to Power " Cd 2003 Conquest

UNDERTHREAT (Col): "Behind Mankind's Disguise" Cd 2003 Conquest