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Bastard Saints

Interview with Dahmer December 2000


A few years have passed since I first met Andrea, leader and singer of BASTARD SAINTS, Italian answer to DYING FETUS and DEEDS OF FLESH, at first we got in touch just by letter, later I met him personally until he finally decided to gayly cut his hair to skin and start singing in BS. On their fault, the band released a very little convincing demo titled "Blessed for an Hanged Masturbation", with "professionally" inkjet printer copied cover and a sound so mushy that it could have been recorded in the "gallbladder". Anyways, months passed on and while their bass player dropped and the guitar player indulged in shaving his hair (yeah, Nuclear Abominations rag. Is also a metal fashion magazine didn't u know?), they reached a perversely compressed sound and a twisting bestiality in composing trax I have been really amazed. They are about to print a MiniCD with the new year (guess who's doing backing vokillz), so barbaric, so brutal, so damn sick to really raise Italy's level of brutality to noteworthy levels.


Hi Andrea, now have you drank your daily ration of pus and scabs, are you ready for an interview? If so, are you born ready? If so have you ever been to Lugano? If so what did you and the other members in the band do there? I have read that you smell your farts at concerts so your voice sounds more guttural than normal, is that true? I have also read in an underground publication that you thought about kissing the drummer's engorged penis during the concert to add some fun to the show is that true?

Hi Michele. What's up??? I hope fuckin' sick!!!!! Yep, I've drank my ration and I'm fuckin' ready!!! I like drinking!!! Yeah I like scabs, pus, infected blood, menstrual vomit, but I also like drink in Modena's sick, super alcoholic shit! You know, man!!! I don't like Lugano, it's a shitty place and I hate their police-state!!! People are great, instead. Others members of Bastard Saints like Lugano's chicks!!! Many people hang out in Lugano!!!! eheh!! I advice Lugano to all bastard pigs around!!! About sfarts is OK!!!! About kiss....FUCK YOU MAN!!!!!! You're truly insane!!!! You've read only shit!!!! You're Nuclear criminal!!!!! I like smell and lick only muthafakka pussies!!!!!! do you understand, bastard? What alcoholics? Wine? I don't know what's wine?


How many concertos have you played so far? What do you think has been the direction of the band since its founding? I mean, what things you still try to fix in the band, apart from the outrageously gay image in the pictures?

We have played a lot in Italy. Unfortunately we haven't played abroad! A German date is fucked up, at Backstage in Munchen. WE have played with bands like Nefas, Awful, Mind Snare, Faust, Chthonian Nemeton, Neophyte, Monolith and others. We have really appreciated all these gigs and all members of the bands!!!!!!! All the shows are in the name of sickness!!! I'm happy for this Italian situation 'cause the number of the bands increased!!! Our direction is to play Brutal Death and Grind 'til death with all possible seriousness and professionalism!!! We search to move all our forces against morality that rule the society!!! The founding of Bastard Saints is nothing more than how to explain our radical hate and our sick thoughts to people Our blinded convinction to play Brutal/Grind in 2000 is what we have already fixed in the band!!! This is the important thing. Then I don't give a fuck about gay!!!!!!! Fucks!!!!!


Best band in the planet, just 2 seconds to answer. Then name the best band in Italy and why? Then again, have you been thinking about putting on a side project band? What do you think about punks?

2 seconds!!! Are you mad? I can't answer to this question. I don't think there is only one band!!! There are many band that I consider great!!!! and this is the same for Italian bands!!!!! I think all It's difficult decide what is the best Italian band!!!! Now in Italy there are great band with a freakish professionalism and brutality!!!! For sure, man!!!! I like smashed my head with Bastard Saints 'cause we have the same attitude and the same aim with tha music. We like this way and we share the same anger and hate!!! But I like project-band if this one don't interfere with the natural development of Bastard Saints!!! Maybe in the future!! By now I want to bring all my forces to Bastards!!! I don't give a shit about punks!!! I don't understand their attitude!!! If they have one!!! They're nothing to me!!! I like Hardcore instead!! Brutal Hardcore I mean!!! Violent hardcore has something to crush and really involve the guys that follow this genre!!!! I like people really involved in a style, and motivated for something.



I'll act as if everything you said is true (that's difficult because you're a compulsive liar), but then what fascinates you in both brutal death metal and fast, furious sore throat hard core? Have you noticed both scenes are converging in one direction? I can be vicious in saying that this direction is named Relapse in the states but I won't. will I? Anyways, are you interested in purely noize bands? If so whats fascinating in noise? Are you writing for a zine also meseems, let's talk about Evil Warriors, when will we see the second issue? Will you take as many delays as me? Don't you think you often lack of criticism when it comes to gore grind such as CEREBRAL TUMOR, COCK AND BALL TORTURE, REGURGITATE or PURULENT SPERMCANAL? Don't u think they often end sounding quite similar? Then what really differences a great brutal gore band from an average one?

Yep, I like very much furious HC. It fascinate me for its anger and madness spread during gigs. HC lyrics are also great!!! I hink some Brutal Death/Grind bands have something close to extreme HC, and I think that both scenes can move in one direction. Yes Relapse has great bands that are really into these styles but I think there are other labels into this direction! I like some Noise, too. This style such as Japanese NoiseCore is great. Bands in these genres are totally mad and sick! Not all noise is cool. Some bands make me smile and are only entertainment, others are interesting. Anyway the genre I can give a fuck is Brutal Death and Grind. I like the bands you mentioned and I don't think that most of those bands seem similar. I like the genre and if everybody listens to each bands into Grind Core/Gore, they will find the differences. However there are the coolest. I think bands in Gore Grind are great when are really explicit; with this I mean that the member must be really inside the sickness. I like the freaks that are really involved with their lyrics. A great example (for the lyrics I mean) are the texts of Chris Reifert, he's really insane and all his lyrics demonstrate what I write now. The bands in Gore must be take this point of view in Gore, not always sheer entertainment. About zine, issue 2 will be out in January 2000 on the web, by now. I spread out the address when I have it. I have art-cover painted by Roberta Lannes the greatest freak around, so check it out!!! Yeah, I have delays 'cause I dedicate much time to BASTARD SAINTS, so I had some delays with issue 1. On issue 1 I had interviews with DEEDS OF FLESH, NEFAS, DEVOURMENT, NEOPHYTE, DISARM, MORBUS, AWFUL and many reviews.


What do you think of drum machine in music? Have you ever been to a techno disco? Don't you think it's the best way to find an easy way to fuck? It shouldn't be difficult for you to meld into disco dancers since you have gay shaved hair.

I like drum-machine. It's really extreme. I like more human drummers, 'cause they kill themselves during gigs and have more impact than a "cold" drum machine. The drum Machine I like must be extreme and fast a fuck!!! MORTICIAN is a great example of extremism with drum-machine (as is GORE BEYOND NECROPSY J/NdR). The adjective "cold" is great for me in a extreme band, it's killer for me this aspect. I hate disco dancers and I refuse all that comes form this scum. I don't give a fuck about anything that come from 'em. I prefer masturbating from here to eternity than fuck with a dickhead like a disco-dancer. My hair??? hey, man I don't have no more hair. Once I had long hair then they fucked up and I tore up my skin from skull. So fuck, man!!!


I know you're well known in your town because when you go masturbating frenetically in the toiled after every night after the Maurizio Costanzo show (I read in issue 2 of Morticianumskull that you are secretly in love with Bracardi, Maurizio's pianist), you use to pick your semen in a coke can and then, when its full to the brim, you syringe it in your anus and spray coagulated cum on your room walls because it helps you draw demo covers. Now where did you pick that idea? Also, what have you painted first with your semen? When did you discover your feminine side?

You continue to say bullshits. I don't care about fuckin' Maurizio Costanzo and then Bracardi can go fuck himself and his piano. I don't watch this shit and I'll never watch it. I can draw your face with coagulated blood of a rancid amputation in my walls and if you want I can spray with syringe my shit on the walls to draw your fuckin' hair..... it's a great idea.. eh! Not so great, as you anus hole is so wide spread that everything that spurts from it would be surely sprayed in a rose so big to wash yourself like a shower.


Anyway, some previews on the next to be released CD, any titles, name? Distributors? Will it have a concept or it will be a nonsense patchwork of hallucinations and carbon copied lyrics of other bands?

Yes, our M-CD will be called "Disinfect with Terrorism". Some tracks name are: "Tear up my brain and stab it" & "No morality". I don't know the distributors, yet. They'll be written in the site when all is available. The lyrics as a sort of concept and it's the refuse of morality in this world. The lyrics are the hymns to intolerance towards a sort of interior terrorism. I'm fed up of many things and most of 'em are a part of so called "morality". The morality's concept is a bit abstract, but morality is religion, democracy and also all rules of these earth. I can't shout with harmony or love, I can't understand 'em. MY views represented in the lyrics are sick and violent. I don't want be write joke or something extreme only to be extreme. All I write are the vision that I have in the night and not only. I think the distortion of life is the right way!! Some of gore context is to explicit better my thoughts and to rapresent what I think. My interest is to incite freakiness and violence to people towards a supreme way of rebellion. Sometimes we must order the sun to stop! Other way to explicit lyrics is to read 'em and interpretate 'em.


Interviewers always ask what bands think about the internet, but I won't. Instead, I will ask you something about the line up changes in Bastard Saints in the recent years, something very personal about the drummer and bass player, and what has changed in bastard saints ever since the demo days, I think the old lyrics were a way more splatter in '98 (from what I recall there were several lines stolen from CANNIBAL COPRSE ehehe) while the lyrics on the split with CHRIST DENIED were all about terrorism and automatic weapons... can you talk about this long thought change?

(The Rest of the interview is in Italian... soon to be translated)

In questi anni la line-up è canbiata parecchio. Purtroppo abbiamo sempre trovato gente non completamente coinvolta in questo genere estremo. Il primo batterista con cui abbiamo registarto il demo, formato il gruppio e registrato lo split CD con i Christ Denied non aveva più la costanza per continuare nel gruppo. Aveva altro modo per occupare il suo tempo e il continuo uscire con il gruppo per le prove, i soldi spesi per il gruppo non li andavano giu. Il bassista invece non condivideva pienamente l'attitudine pessimista del gruppo e l'attività estrema che generi come il Grind Core e Brutal Death hanno sempre proposto. Adesso i nuovi componenti ci danno la possibilità di continuare sulla nostra strada in quanto condividono pienamente le idee del gruppo e hanno un apporto importantissimo nello sviluppo dei pezzi che prima con gli altri membri non c'era. Fondamentalmente le liriche non sono cambiate tanto. Le tematiche saranno sempre differenti. Mi ispiro a film, a cronaca nera, quotidianità e spesso alibri per descrivere quello che penso. Molte volte racconto dei sogni che faccio o qualcosa che mi è accaduto o semplicemente descrivo delle allucinazioni. I vecchi testi sono semplici rispetto a quelli nuovi ed erano più spinti verso il gore. Anche se l'elemento Gore adesso non è morto e non morirà mai, cerco di spingermi verso tutte le facce della violenza. Appunto armi automatiche, guerra e terrorismo.


Keeping it on the lyrical aspect, what is behing this No Morality thing, your approach is positively critic like DYING FETUS or totally nihilistic? What direction will BASTARD SAINST take in the next years? Can you tell me in how many foreign countries have you been playing so far?

A me paice tanto l'attitudine intrapresa dai Dying Fetus. La nostra comunque come tu dici e più nichilista. La notra attidutine è più auto-distruttiva e oscura. Non credo di comporre testi allegri. Non sono mai stato appassionato del lato positivo della vita. Non lo capisco e non mi interessa. Abbiamo suonato in Repubblica Ceca al Brutal Assault (Shindy fucking rule), a Berlino(dove chi mi sta intervistando è venuto da Dresda con sua "moglie"...arghhh!!!!) e in Belgio (mighty Frontline).


Are you straight edge now or an alchoolist? Ehehe you know, I have noticed you go back and forth from these two extremes quite often AHR AHR. Do you read Mickey Mouse comics? Have you ever eaten a pair of shoes? Now that the world entire talks about terrorism for the big fucking thing happened in Manhattan how do BASTARD SAINTS fit into this scheme?

Non ho mai supportato il terrorismo islamico. Non mi interessa e non sento mio. Solo perchè è successo quello che è successo, non toglierò le mie tematiche di terrorismo. Mi piace lo studio fatto sul terrorismo, e molte volte lo visto come unica via per sbloccare le cose. Terrorismo mentale per smuovere le masse. Gli unici riferimenti storici che puoi trovare a volte sono al terrorismo italiano. O a tuttto quel terrorismo spinto da particolari condizioni sociali in determinati psti del globo. No non mi piace paperino, ma so che tu sei appassionato. Ero più che altro appassionato di paperino.


Dahmer - Vocals
Zio - Guitars


- BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): "Blessed for an Hanged Masturbation" tape 1998 s/t [demo]

- BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): s/t split Cd with CHRIST DENIED (Spa) Macabre Mementos

- BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): "Ropes Above an Abyss of Fury" split Cd with NEFAS (Ita) The Flood

- BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): Cdr 2004 s/p [demo]