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Pretty interesting concert, expecially becouse I had to meet the guys in one of the most fierce Death Metal bands nowadas, KRISIUN. Now the show strated at around 8 o clock and ended up around 1:30 AM, considering I live around 3 hours from the place of the concert, judge yourself how much I had to sleep tonight before preparing for work. Anyway, I had the possibility to interview KRISIUN * and plan an interview with Erik's HATE ETERNAL (opening for DEICIDE in april, according to his words). before the review strats, guess who's going to host that Brazilian band's official Home Page?? Stay tuned an you'll get to know pretty soon...



Luckily, when I enetered the place of the show, the band alreadys trated to play. I guess they should have been pretty interesting to see, considering that I don't even remember how they played. I just remember this is one of those plain metal band destined to live in the shade of real men that play real instruments (to confirm my theory, they weren't even signaled on the ticket). I really wonder who likes that kind of excremental music, or better yet, why?



The very first seconds the band started to play I felt very little interest for this mid paced music. But honestly, during the course of the gig, I started to like it. Sure, some of the mosh parts could definitely be avoided, but they have grabbed a kind of old school death metal imprint that sincerely caught my attention. They have a noteworthy approach to the stage shows, fueled by the fact that they have two singers playing simultaneously, one of which is a (rather beautful) chick.



People that already know me should know that I consider KRISIUN as one of the pillars of modern Death Metal, let alone being the pioneers of the new fresh wave of Brazilian devastating violent Deathcore. As predictable the band is amazing. Having lost them the first time they played in Italy with the clownish band DIMMU BORGIR, I felt compelled to see them again circled by neo black pop bands suck as AMON AMARTH and GOD DETHRONED. What is amazing in a KRISIUN concert is that they seem as if they play forever. Their songs are lighning fast but at the same time, long and complex and that is something definitely uncommon for such grinding acts. When this band plays, you could easily think that their songs are like 20 or 30 minutes long, so intricate and intense they are. Probably together with ANGELCORPSE, MERCILESS and NILE, the best band I have seen live this year. Pity for the dumb sound.



Looking backward, I must admit I had serious hopes for this band. I am not overly fond of the new wave of Swedish melodic Death Metal, but definitely this band had personality and a very nice debut MiniCD on their backs. Predictably, the band wimped out into the trend cauldron and played an all too normal sleep inducing mockery of Death Black Metal for definitely too long, as the hour was getting a bit late...



Thanks to some God, I was out of the place when this band started to play. Tuned with my expectations, the band sucked.



Same as above, but adding the fact they had a nice debut LP, the vote could be a bit higher...hmmm...but honestly, they have been worse than I expected...



MORBID ANGEL is an institution. Those that talk shit about them eithr haven't seen them live, or probably are trying to weave the "only alternative" screen to steel them to look more extreme, that is quite pathetic in my opinion. That MORBID ANGEL had weak spots in thier career is blatant, as their previous album Domination showed few interesting highlights. I am happy, real happy thet this legend now have changed singer, becouse, similarly to CANNIBAL CORPSE, it added freshness and new vigor to the band. Now luckily they have omitted to play songs from that album, preferring to show the full array of shining weapons that created "Formulas...", backboned by some unforgettable classics such as "Blasphemy" and "Chapel of Ghouls". This is MORBID ANGEL men, if you profess you like Death Metal, than you definitely have to like them, or else dress like a vampire and go weep at a CRADLE OF FAGGOTS show. Anyway, I am amazed every time to see how different the sound is for leading bands compared to the sloppy sound that followed the concert until now.