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By grind@ No-copyright october 2003


This is a short list with brief description of most of the violent videogames in the history of these kind of entertainment,probably there are others like these and i hope somebody want to make an article about those i haven’t ever seen.Here i will write about old games and not about stuff like State of emergency for PS2 or Soldier of fortune and co. for PC.


If you want to play old console/computer games on modern consoles(xbox,ps2) and PC the first thing you need to take is the emulator then you have to find the ROMs of the games you want.

Some links are: need a registration which gave access to downloads. you have to wait several seconds to D/L again. search here for cheats and complete guides of old games.
Sometimes they are temporarely shutdown but since today they always came back.


There are others internet sites with lots of FAQs,manuals and forum where you can go if something don’t work. Some games were developed for various system. Remember that Super nintendo (snes) games are always censored, the Megadrive (genesis) are never censored but the quality is inferior then snes games, Neo geo is the best console for graphic in bitmap 2D and m.a.m.e. is an emulator of arcade games and usually have the original versions of the games which are better than convertions.

Gameboy and gamegear are portable pocket-size and the quality isn’t surely the best, anyway the gameboy advance (GBA) have the power of a snes console. Nes (nintendo entertainmente system) is 8-bit like master system and everybody knows what this mean. 3DO and Jaguar were the first 32/64bit.About old pc systems the only thing i can say is that Amiga is the best.


Splatterhouse 1 [NEC, PC Engine, MAME]: Jason from Friday the 13th has to kill with his bare hands, knives, bats or shotguns a lot of monsters which being splattered all over the place. The game is a 2D beat 'em up like final fight/double dragon. Blood red for MAME and green for PC Engine (but Japanese version maybe red).
Splatterhouse 2 [Megadrive]: The same gamestyle with differest levels and monsters. Different blood colors, never red.
Splatterhouse 3 [Megadrive]: The last game of the series give us green blood but a better graphic, you can also move inside the rooms and not only forward/backward like the previous games.
Robocop vs. Terminator [Megadrive, SNES]: Forget the characters that gives name to this game, it’s bloody. You control Robocop through 10 levels against humans and terminators. Various weapons, a bit platform game style.
Alien vs. Predator [MAME, SNES]: Choose your butcher between 2 predators or 2 humans and exterminate all the aliens you find on your way. The MAME game is must have, the SNES one is a real shit. [the name of the MAME rom is]
Aliens [MAME]: A shoot 'em up 2D with horizontal scrolling based on the second movie of the Alien trilogy, inferior to AvsP but very well done.
Punisher [MAME]: Punisher is a Marvel comics character, i put it here anyway because there is more blood than the usual scrolling beat em up, good graphic and funny gameplay. [the name of the rom is]
Last Battle [Megadrive, Amiga]: A game about Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star. Not a great gameplay but a must have for the fans of this manga/anime (forget the Beat 'em up 1 vs 1 mainly for SNES like Hokuto No Ken 6 and 7, they suck... nothing compared to the mugen game still incomplete). Amiga version is without blood...
Toxic Crusaders [Megadrive]: No blood,no destruction but this is the official Troma’s Toxic avenger videogame.
Motorhead [Amiga]: This is worst then toxic crusaders...Lemmy uber alles.
Attack of the killer tomatoes [NES]: From the trash movie to the game. Graphic is always orrible,justified by the 8 bit,gameplay is not so bad.
Tecmo knight [MAME]: It reminds me golden axe but the enemies are all demons and orcs.One enemy-one splat. Very good graphic. The difficult level is a bit too high. One button of the 3 used in Tecmo knight is for the trasformation that let you became a beast. [the name of the rom file is]
Mortal kombat mythologies:sub zero [Nintendo 64]: A spin-off from the famous beat em up 1 vs 1 series.Photorealistc 2D graphic and red blood with Sub zero as main character.This is less brutal than the other games i wrote about,here you have to watch your steps and the continue are limited.
Berserk [Dreamcast]: This is a game for the last Sega console(after this they became a software house only,no more hardware).No rom files,you can search the ISO or the original game but the emulator didn’t work well(maybe in future).If you know the Berserk manga/anime series you know what to expect:a big sword and rivers of blood in this sort of 3D graphic Golden axe style videogame.


Same kind of game but no blood and much fun in horror atmosferes in these:
Castlevania [nes,snes,gameboy,megadrive and others]: It’s one of the most long running videogmae series, i can’t remember the exact number of games for every console but they are all different.More a sort of platform game than a beat em up. A vampire hunter kills some monsters using an upgradable whip and some magic items.Not brutal anyway.
Altered beast [probably all but i think mame is the best]: A classic game converted for every old pc/console.Everyone of the 4 levels gives you a special power which transform you in a beast.The sequel for gameboy advance(GBA)is called Altered Beast-guardians of the realms,different graphic style,15 levels but too boring.
Ghouls n ghost [mame,snes,saturn]: The sequel of ghost and goblins(nes,mame)is also a platform game with lots of zombies,ghost and demons.The snes version is named Super ghouls n ghost and is different.


Now let’s talk about shooting games with the gun (or keybord or mouse if you don’t have it...).
Chiller [MAME]: This is a very morbid game.Several levels with static screens animated by the enemies and the screams of agony of the dungeon’s victims.You can shoot against the people chained and tortured in the background,if you want loose some points.
Terminator 2-[MAME]: Here because of the apocalyptic atmosfere.Destroy the attacking machines.
The House of the Dead [Arcade, Saturn, PC]: Great graphic impact,various kind of zombies are the main enemies you will find here.You can splat almost every part of their body.Lot of blood.In the pc version you can choose the color of blood,for saturn is green,maybe some cheat for change it.
The House of the Dead 2-[Arcade, PC]: Better graphic,same carnage.As the first episode it should be in another part of this text because the arcade system is not emulated yet.
Alien 3-[Arcade]: Same problem for this game,you can find the rom but the emulator or the bios for using it with mame aren’t ready.The arcade cabinet had 1 uzi for each player,not a gun.Imagine it.


These flipper videogames give you a mainboard like every real flipper and some places of the screen give you access to mini flippers where you have to kill some enemies with one ball.

Devil crash[Megadrive, PC-Engine]: Also known as Dragon’s fury this game is from the same programmers of Dragon’s revenge which have a fantasy theme. Devil crash is gore/horror oriented. The megadrive version is faster and the pc-engine have better graphics.
The Pinball of the Dead-[Gameboy Advance]: It’s a spin off from the shooter game, even here lots of blood (choose the color) and zombies walking around the table.
Crue Ball [Megadrive]: Well I put it here just for fun. The flipper of Motley Crue.


Here are some shooters game with a view from above. No puzzles to resolve,only splatter and explosions.
Smash TV-[mame,snes,megadrive,amiga]:There is a new tv show on air and you are one of the player.Thousands of enemies,all bloody except the snes version(i can’t remember if the the blood is green or deleted).A real massacre.
Total carnage-[mame,snes,megadrive,amiga]: After smash tv cames this.Now the story is about a couple of rambos but the spirit is the same of the first game. Better graphic. I remember the arcade cabinet with 2 joystic,one for the moving and the other for the shooting. Here the snes version have green blood. Naturally mame version is the best. [mame rom’s name]

Predator 2-[megadrive] The same frenetic action,no blood and humans and predators as enemies.If you don’t save the hostages in time or stay too much in a place without move you will see a good splatter scene.

-The following games are mainly for playstation,there are some emulators but the games aren’t in rom format but ISO and are pretty rare.You can search the last copies of the originals and play it anyway on your PC with a good emulator.
Loaded-[psx] Gameplay is like mad tv but you can move a lot in the levels and the rooms are bigger and more varied.The usual graphic style of the playstation’s games and a lot of blood and enemies.There is also a censored version with grey blood which is probably the worst,most anonimous color they could chooose.
Reloaded-[psx,pc] The sequel is bit more difficult,levels are tooo big and without a radar map system,it’s easy to get lost in this game.
Overkill-[psx] I have to tell you...i never play with this one but i watch a pic some years ago and i can say it was bloody.It seems like the room aren’t big and square and weapons not so explosive.


Now a couple of racing games like micro machines but with isometric vision.
Rock n roll racing-[snes,GBA,megadrive] 6 planets,5 cars(including an hovercraft),6 characters to choose,mines,missiles and nitro.Soundtrack goes from midi versions of ”Born to be wild” to “Bad to the bone”.The gameboy advance is the same game of snes released 7 years later.
Biker mice from mars-[snes] I know it is based on a ugly cartoon but it reminds me a R n R racing with bikes and bigger characters.25 tracks in acid toon colors,2 game modes(with or without weapons).



Brutal sport football-[amiga,jaguar,dos] Choose from various team composed by barbarians,decapitate your opponents with punches,stompings,swords or bombs. Beware from the blue-blood version. Good gameplay and graphic. Don’t forget to visit the lockroom after a match.Great.
Wild cup soccer-[amiga] It’s Brutal sport soccer but for some unknown reasons they call it this way.Different viewpoint,this time isometric,the graphic is more detailed but less clear.Teams are composed of beasts and you have to buy your weapons.

Same blood and gore but i find it less playable.
Mutant league hockey-[megadrive] It was developed by Electronic Arts,the same programmers of lots of sport simulations.In fact this is a real hockey game but played by scheletons and orcs.
Mutant league football-[megadrive] As the name says its like M.L.Hockey,a simulation of american football with blood,monsters and explosions.If you know the game tactics of american football it’s for you.
Soccer brawl-[neo geo,mame] 6 teams with different super shots,2 stadiums,energy balls and tackles for this ultra graphical soccer game.[rom’s name]
Speedball 2-[ALL?] Waiting for Speedball Arena(for 2020 maybe)you can play this awesome game.A mix of rugby,rollerball(the movie)and a flipper this game is a must have.GBA and Playstation(called Speedball 2100)version are with a different graphic style then the amiga/pc/megadrive ones.
Nintendo world cup-[nes,gameboy] It’s the stupid brother or Soccer brawl but i like it.14 teams each one with a different special shot(even with a back-kick,you can do it pushing both the buttons),there aren’t energy balls but you can beat the shit out of your opponents anyway.In 2 players game you can choose from 6 different soils(on ice the players slide,on concrete they will K.O. before than sand which didnt slow as mud and so on).A little cheat for single player with different soil-made a 2 player game and when finished go to 1 player,it starts with the soil selected for versus human).Obviusly the nes verion is colored and the gameboy one is black and white.
Rollergames-[mame] The official videogame of the sport Rollergames.6 teams, fast gameplay, no weapons, blood, explosions or special attacks but fast and furios beat em all action.

Beat em up 1 versus 1 (the Street Fighter style).

For the neo geo games moves and cheats go here:
Remember to put the unzipped files inside the unzipped game,then zip it all again with the same name in normal mode.

I just write here some names of games without blood:

X-men children of the atom, Marvel super heroes, Marvel vs capcom, Cyberbots - fullmetal madness, the Darkstalkers series are all avalaible for mame,psx and saturn. Probably all the neogeo games like Double dragon and the King of fighters series which are also playable with mame. These are the top games of 2D bitmap graphic beat em up. And now let’s spill some blood.
Samurai shodown-[snes,neo geo,3DO,mame] The first game adding weapons in the match,10 chars each one with a special move.It’s a classic.Sometimes the last slash will cut your opponent in two.
Samurai shodown 2-[neo geo.mame] Same style of the first with 15 chars.Added the super deformation moves.
Samurai shodown 3-[neo geo,mame] 12 chars,choose from 2 moves set for each one of them:Slash or Bust moves.The graphic is much overpowered than previous games but it seems a bit less detailed.
Samurai shodown 4-[neo geo,mame] In the same vein of the 3, Slash or Bust for the 17 chars. Graphic is even better than before, added long combo moves, rage explosion, honourable death and so on.

The samurai shodown name files are and samsho2 or 3 or
Weaponlord-[snes,megadrive] 7 medieval chars with 10 moves,blood in both the versions and strangely the megadrive is graphically better.If some of the normal moves is used as last slash it became a sort of fatality.High difficult level.
Ninja master’s-[neogeo,mame] 10 chars mainly of oriental inspiration for this BLOODY game.When playing you can choose if use or not weapons pushing two buttons.Various special moves.[rom name:]
Last blade 1 & 2-[neogeo,mame] A great graphic and gameplay,several characters, a bit of blood in the first,nothing in the 2.A lot of combo moves.Anyway i think Samurai shodown is better.
Mortal kombat 1-[mame,snes,megadrive,gameboy,gamegear] The first with the so called digital graphic.How can i describe the first time i saw a fatality?7 chars and dark backgrounds filled with blood effects.The snes version is censored and they chanced the sub zero fatality,megadrive have a cheat to put blood in game.Console version of pit fatality is graphically different.[mame name is]
Mortal kombat 2-[mame,snes,megadrive,and so on] A better graphic,12 chars,fatality(even 2 for char),babality,friendship and 2 pit fatalities.Now levels are ambiented in the outerworld.This is the first game uncensored for Snes(gore sells).[mame-]
Mortal kombat 3-[mame] This one put a lot of changes inside the game. The graphic is more clean (too plastic for my tastes), new kind of chars (around 15 in total) and combos.[]
Mortal kombat trilogy-[saturn,psx] All the chars of the game and the cheat for using their old versions and the bosses like Motaro and Kintaro. The graphic is like the 3. It’s the last of the 2D style, the 4th episode for modern consoles is a 3D game in the vein of Tekken but bloody.
Primal rage-[mame,3DO,Jaguar,snes,megadrive and so on] Same graphic of MK but on stop motion animeted dinosaurs.7 chars,fatality and rain of blood.the gameplay is inferior of the MK one.[mame rom is called]
Battle monsters-[saturn] Digital as MK,12 monsters and humans to choose from and multi levels with platforms.Poor graphic and animations.No rom,try ISO or original.
Way of the warrior-[3DO] 9 chars,2 boss playable with a cheat and 4 secret guys. Lot of moves.Fatalities and magic but the game is an average copy of MK.As all the gmaes for recent CD-rom consoles there is not a rom but you can try a search for the ISO file or the original. Could exist an arcade game.


Big monsters kick their asses while the cities are falling

Rampage-[commodore64,amiga,mame] Choose one of the 3 monsters and destroy the city.Soldiers,tank and elicopters try to stop you,crush them and eat the citiziens to increase your life level.There is a new version with a restyled graphic probably for n64,saturn and psx.
King of the monsters 1 & 2-[snes,neogeo,mame] You fight upon a big city using it as a ring.Obviously the city burn under your slams and jumps.
Godzilla domination-[GBAdvance] After several boring 1vs1 beat em up cames this boring King of the monsters copy.6 chars and good graphic,but the gameplay seems too slow.

Shoot em up

Metal slug 1-3-[neogeo,mame.psx] Well,this games have a funny atmosfere but if you find the uncensored version with red blood you can add it to the enormous amount of destruction these games gives.Censored version have white/grey blood...
Metal slug x-[neogeo,mame,psx] This is just a game with mixed levels from MS 1 and 2.Always 6 like the normal chapters of the series.
Blazing star-[neogeo,mame] From the same autors of Pulstar but with an increased firepower and simple gameplay:just push that button fast as hell and watch those wonderful backgrounds covered with explosions.
Preistoric isle 2-[neogeo,mame] The same gameplay of Blazing Star always produced by Yume Kobo company.A even better graphic with pseudo digitalized dinosaurs as enemies.
In the hunt-[mame] The graphic of this one compared to those i writed before is less overpowered but more detailed.No spaceships here,use a submarine throgh 6 levels of pure destruction against ships,submarines,airplanes and all the stuff which try stop your way.


Syndicate-[amiga,snes,megadrive,mega cd,pc-dos] You control some agents in their missions against corporations and their men.View from above and 2D engine from the first,same viewpoint but 3D for the sequel Syndicate wars available for PSX and PC-dos.Corpses on the floor,flamethrower and blood in a good strategic gameplay.
Cannon fodder 1-2-[amiga,snes,megadrive,pc-dos] Strategic war game similar to syndicate but in different locations.Blood and screams of agony in the air.Cannon fodder 2 is available only for amiga and PC.
Chaos engine 1-2-[amiga] Boh


Road rash-[3DO,megadrive,N64,] Illegal street racing with motorbikes where you can kick your opponents,if you beat the cops sometimes you steal their bludgeon. Punches and chains and nitro boosts are the law in this fast videogame with a soundtrack done by trendy folks such Soundgarden,Therapy?,Monster Magnet,Paw and more.There are some games for megadrive with a bitmap graphic and the same gameplay,the PC/saturn version should be the same of 3DO.

Road Riot Revenge-[mame] This game is not emulated 100% but seems to be a good game with decent amount of destruction.The rom name is

PC GAMES (almost)

Some of them are avalaible for old or new consoles. Some of them are no more commercialized (abandonware) others are Freeware and something else can be found in stores, anyway you can find lot of them using P2P programs or in abandonware internet sites like these:

To play with DOS game you will probably need stuff like XMS-EMS disk, Dos emulators, change some controls in the panel of properties of the EXE file (with a right click of the mouse...), old mouse drivers, download a good program to slow down your PC’s CPU speed and so on. The best thing you can do is find a good abandonware internet url with forums and faqs in your language.
Anyway some of them works even under windows.
Grand Theft Auto-The first game of this now best seller series was a a sort of micromachines graphic style game with missions and violence and the second episode came with a restyled graphic and new gangs to work with.No traces of 3D special effects or inside car view for racing but it still give you a load of destruction, expecially using cheats...
Postal-With a view from above as GTA and a graphic style like the second GTA cames this Postal, and the missions are very simple: kill em all before they kill you. This is a sort of mass murderer simulator game... Postal 2 is now in stores and with a similar concept and improved simulation factor, graphic is like GTA 3 but gameplay seems to be a bit less entertaining.
Hooligans Storm over Europe-This is a sort of strategic game compared to Postal and GTA. 10 missions and 5 arenas for multiplayer game. Different missions in european countries like Germany, Italy and Holland where you have to fight against cops and Ultras of your opponent team before or after the soccer match. Drink in the pubs and find new comrades, buy weapons and drugs and sometimes search a good love motel if your kids are low.
Troma project-I put it here but i haven’t tried it because the link didn’t work... It seems to be a game like Hooligans but with Troma characters like the toxic avenger, kabukiman and the surf nazis in Tromaville. On the net you can find a huge Demo (if you can download it...) and i don’t know when the full game will be in stores. Sometimes on the troma official pages are downloadable some little bloody games.
Carmageddon-The infamous racing game where you MUST kill the pedestrians to win. They tried to destroy the atmosfere of this game with a censorship, transforming all pedestrians into dummies and stuff like that but the power of internet will give you the true, bloody version. The gameplay and the graphic style reminds me the ones used in 3DO games.
Carmageddon 2-A graphic in the vein of Ridge Racer namco’s videogames and different locations for this one.
Carmageddon 3-Now you have to do some missions inside this big city/luna park like throw the people inside the shark’s pool with your car.
Mega race or Crush n burn-I don’t know about the pc version i played it on 3DO but its the same game.Around 36 tracks,weapons from lasers to missiles,semi-digitalized graphic and a couple of secret cars to buy in the store which sells you all mechanical parts for your car. The second Megarace game seems to be like this one but the 3 is a Wipeout rip off.
Warcraft/Starcraft-Every videogame player knows these strategic series and i write about Warcraft and Starcraft because are two of the best around and have much red blood than the others strategic games.Warcraft is fantasy with orcs vs humans and just some weeks ago has been commercialized the expansion for the 3 which add another race to the game.Starcraft since now is a single game with one expansion and the expansions of these games means a whole new game compared to others,stuff like 26 levels and 4 new units connected with a good storyline.
Bikez II-This is a freeware game downloadable from the page
A sort of homemade GTA 3 where you have to do some missions and upgrade your vehicle. A fast 3D engine, good amount of blood, pinball effect when you crash against the walls. Funny.
Killerball-Abandonware for this unofficial rollerball movie game.It’s the same gameplay seen in the movie without the motorbikes. Also available for amiga but with inferior quality.
Blood bowl-Videogame version of the role playing game from Games Workshop. American football played by orcs,the same concept of Mutant League Football for the megadrive console developed in a different way.You must learn the A.Football tactics to play.
Darkseed-This is a graphic adventure game done with the collaboration of H.R. Giger.
Diablo-A well known horror/fantasy RPG game with fighting in real time (no turns) and a nice blood spilling action.
Legacy of kain-Another RPG in the same vein of diablo.You are a vampire so you have to suck blood to survive.

DOOM and Fiends

Well everybody knows how Doom was a revolution in videogames world and before him only Wolfenstein 3D was a first person shooter. With Doom comes the splatter and the biomechanical levels design inspired by HR Giger and never seen later on 3D first person shooter games.

You can find on P2P programs Doom 95 a collection of all the doom games and expansions (1, 2, final, plutonia and TNT) and also a user-friendly file manager for playing the WAD levels. WAD are the levels done by fans and much of them are really well done. On the other side there are the TC or total conversions that changes the graphic (enemies or levels, weapons and items) and the sound.


Try these links and you will find everything you need: or


There are TC like Hellraiser, Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator, A fistfull of doom, the doom 64 converted from the nintendo 64 game which have a real 3D graphic, Batman doom, Wolfendoom series, Disney doom and here and there in the net also simpsons doom or even the silly Nazi doom which gives to doom new skins for the enemies and nothing more. There are also porno-doom wads, the xxx wads, like these:

The SLIGE file can create random maps and from the same programmers hompage you will find the BW wad which changes doom from colored to black&white.
With the KDX file manager you can load two wads at the same time playing with the modifications of the first on the maps of the second.

After Doom a lot of software houses produced games with a similar gameplay and the most famous are Duke Nukem 3D which was a platform/action 2 games series before this restyling. The complete version should be the Atomic edition and there are various expansions packs like Some WADS here:


The Heretic/Hexen games with a bloody fantasy ambient.

Heretic-Shadow of the serpent riders is the complete edition and Heretic 2 is a different game with a third person vision.

Hexen 1-Beyond heretic expansion is Death kings of the dark citadel and Hexen 2 have an improved graphic style.
Alien Trilogy with a storyline that goes from first movie to Alien 3,the 2 games of Alien vs Predator where you play 10 missions for each character:alien,predator and marine(the first A.vs P. Is also available for Jaguar as ROM).
Blood 1 and 2, the first like a classic horror movie and the second with a more horror/science fiction theme,are infamous for the attitude of the main chars to eat the hearts of the killed enemies to restore is life energy level.
Undying, a game developed on a Clive Barker’s project with horrorific atmosferes and a real 3D graphic engine.
Outlaws less bloody than the others but with a western ambientation.

Shadow warrior and Rise of the triad (the dark war and the addon extreme rise of the triad) more in the Duke nukem vein.
ZPC-Zero popolation Counter with a sort of underground toon graphic style deranged in sheer brutality, the dark near future of Last rites or Terminator-Future shock and Assassin 2015.
And also games such Pursuit in greed and Cybermage:Darklight Awakening or Redneck Rampage with USA country ambientation and Kingpin in the be a criminal style.
At last I write about Wolfenstein 3D and his unknown sequel Spear of destiny.
The Return to castle Wolfenstein is a modern first person shooter like Soldiers of Fortune or Max Payne and boring stuff like that.
After Doom the ID software developed Quake.
Somewhere in the net you can find also Quake-doom wads or simple wads with Q elements in them.
The first Quake was a sort of mix between both gothic(in the true sense of the word)and mechanic scenarios. Quake 2 has less Brown colors than the first (play them and you will understand what I mean) and then came Quake 3 Arena and the first person shooters became a bloodbath for multiplayer net games.
For the complete list of expansions available for Quake and other id games:

But Quake 3 have loose against his major opponent Unreal Tournament, don’t need to write about this award winning game, but there is a couple of MOD for these games I want spend a word.
MOD are new games for UT or Q3, you can play those installing the mod files in your UT or Q3 directories.
Freakball for Q3 is a sort of speedball with large stadiums and the usual amount of weapons, Fragball is the same game for UT but the arenas are completely different and goes from football stadium to various much labyrinthic levels.
Badlands is a mod with new weapons and levels ambiented in the far west and the same concept for Western quake mod.Find the others by yourself,slob.

Post-atomic and Cyber punk (aka Mad Max and Blade Runner)

A short list of mixed games from abandonware/pc games and emulation inspired by the darkest and brutal kind of science fiction. A good source is:
Mad Max-[nes] This is the official game and is crap, probably all moneys have been spent for the copyroght license… View from above, 2 or 3 colors and 4 levels where you run like a dumb in the desert alterned with arenas where you do the same in a trap filled indoor place.
Outlander-[snes,megadrive] This could be considered the real mad max videogame. Run with your car on a long road, shot to enemies running everywhere on bikes, trucks and elicopters. Sometimes a lighting arrow on the dashboard will flash and this means you can stop your car because you arrived in a village. Now the game became a sort of 2D action game where you have to break boxes and faces searching food, weapons and fuel. Megadrive viewpoint is from inside the car (Great!) and snes is behind the car…
Quarantine 1 and 2:Road Warrior-[PC DOS] Surely converted also for consoles such the playstation this is a PC game where you ride a Taxi in a blade runner like city. Every person you take on your taxi (if the cash is good enough for you) will give you a mission and with the money you can buy better weapons to kill the bastards. The second is more various in ambientations and missions but the gameplay is the same.
Fallout 1 & 2 and Fallout tactics Brotherood of steel-[PC windows] A turn based role playing game in a post atomic world.Good clean graphic,sex and violence.
Shadowrun-[snes,megadrive,mega cd] Another RPG but without turns, ambiented in a futuristic dark world where magic, wepons and cyberspace are daily routine. The mega Cd versios should have some movies and a better graphic.
Snatcher-[pc engine,mega cd,saturn] This is a cyberpunk graphic adventure with anime-like design. Beware of the japanese version. You can surely download the english mega Cd game at The Home of the Underdogs.